Course Planner for Spinaker Lake

The following course guides are suggestions of frequently used course at CSC that the regular sailors enjoy

If you are unsure ask a regular sailor to help set a course

  • Main consideration is 1 long beat directly into the wind. Please move and use the WM if any of the set buoys are not in the right position
  • Ideally you also want 1 reach and 1 run in the course
  • The Start should be 90deg to the wind. Start sequence is 5,4,1 go
  • The first mark should be set to Port, but that may not always be possible in light winds try to keep the course away from the calm areas of the lake and set a shorter course
  • You do NOT have to use lots of buoys for a good course, fewer legs and more laps if often better yet more laps that you expect to complete and then finish the lead boat around 45-50mins. Finish all boats after this, even if they have not completed all laps
  • If you have a lot of boats say Greater than 20 you should use the Start boat and move the start into clear water away from the bank, but still aim to keep the first leg as long as you can.